RIMO has moved!

Dear Fans of exclusive Rain Fashion,

we would like to inform you about some changes at RIMO. First of all, we have a new address: From now on we will produce your orders in our new location at Wuppertal. There won't be any major changes for you - except for a continuing technical maintenance relating to our payment systems. Because of this readjustment it won't be possible to pay your orders by credit card. Our payment systems will hopefully be fully restored in may. However, payments by bank transfer or PayPal will still be possible without restrictions.

Beyond that there are some more changes to come - stay tuned! We are going to reveal details in mid-may 2018.

Yours Monika, Jürgen & Tobias Ritter

About RIMO:

As you may have noticed, it is impossible to find any mass-produced items in our webshop. We are extremely proud of being able to present to you individual items only on whose production we have spared neither trouble nor expense. Our products are exquisitely tailored and solely produced in our private workshop in Germany.They are remarkable for their unusual cuts, the applied fabrics and materials and the sometimes dare devilish colors. Our program also allows you to have your totally individual model tailored. On top of that, our range of models is permanently complemented and updated.

We are much pleased to design a garment according to your personal wishes. This is a rather complex process involving an initial design based on your wishes, a cutting pattern, the actual cutting and the final sewing together of the pieces. We can draw up a preliminary offer on request.

In general we manufacture our RIMO-coats at calf length. Please observe the respective information for the single models and let us know if your ideas differ from those measurements. Please indicate the desired coat length on the order sheet. Excessive lengths , however, trigger an extra charge. Please inquire with us.
Since we produce our models exclusively on order, somewhat longer delivery times have to be taken into account now and again (3-4 weeks for PVC/Plastic-models , 4-5 weeks for latex/rubber models), as it is impossible to keep permanent stock of all materials and colors considering the (great) variety of our models.

That´s why it is rather sensible to indicate one or several substitute colours and/or materials if you are interested in a fast delivery. Color derivations relating to the catalogue pictures may occur, please order textile samples if in doubt.

Wishes concerning textile fabrics deviating from the individual offer have to be calculated separately. In analogy to that, wishes concerning altered cuts are calculated on the basis of expenditure and time.

The delivery of a RIMO-model is going to take place only after the complete advance payment has been made. A general right of exchange cannot be guaranteed in the case of special models due to the individuality of the garment.

However, should there be anything not meeting your expectations, we are always ready to help and make adjustments. It is our sincere interest to delight satisfied customers with new models.

It is therefore highly recommendable to be extra careful in choosing models, colours as well as measurements. And by the way --- should any kind of damage happen to your garment, we will gladly repair it.

We must reserve the right to make slight alterations on the design and manufacture of the depicted models which do not change the model´s appearance in a considerable way.

And now enjoy browsing through our website and picking your model or even models ! We are gladly and readily available to answer any questions relating to our offers at any time.

Further RIMO-models including some unique pieces can be found in our studio in Solingen, Germany.

Please arrange a date for a visit.

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